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Covering - Central and North London

Mobile Bicycle Maintenance & Repair service


A service provided by City & Guilds qualified mechanics.


We provide an affordable and convenient service for the cyclist. We come to you, saving you valuable time and removing the inconvenience of getting your bicycle to a repair shop. Being mobile we can do repairs and servicing on site or take the bike away and return it to you.


We don’t have fixed shop hours, the arrangements and timings for the work to be undertaken are by agreement with the individual customers.


We cover Central and North London.

Our mechanics travel to you on bicycles so there's no problem with parking.


We provide cover for events and corporate days in London and the South East.






Corporate Services and Events offers two corporate packages.

These benefit both the organisation and their members by promoting health and fitness, encouraging the use of sustainable transport and providing an employee benefit at a low cost.


Our 'Ride To Work' option is a day of bike maintenance and safety checks to ensure the upkeep of your members or employees bicycles. Prices start from £150 per day, this includes labour and basic parts such as inner tubes, cables and brake pads.


Our Bikeologist sessions offer a convenient repair and service facility for an organisation's employees. We spend the day at your site and offer a discount on all work done on the day. Your employees make their bookings directly with us and pay for the work themselves. By booking and promoting a Bikeologist session you can provide an employee benefit at no cost to your organisation.



We can provide support for participants or the organisers of on or off road cycling events.


To make a booking or to find out more about any of these services please contact us


07522 409003


Service Options


Some of our services are listed below. If you want a quote for work that is not listed just contact us

07522 409003


Basic service £30

•Gears adjusted and tuned

•Rear mech hanger checked and straightened

•Drive train lubricated

•Brakes adjusted and pads checked for wear

•Cables checked for wear

•Wheel true

•Full safety check

•All nuts and bolts checked and correctly tightened

•Frame and forks checked

•Tyres and wheels inspected for wear and damage

General service £40 + Parts

•Gears adjusted and tuned

•Gear cables replaced

•Rear mech hanger checked and straightened

•Brakes adjusted and pads checked for wear

•Brake pivots greased

•Brake Cables lubricated

•Any worn parts replaced

•All bearings checked and adjusted – includes wheels, headset, bottom bracket and rear suspension if applicable

•All moving parts checked and lubricated

•Wheels trued

•Full safety check

•All nuts and bolts checked for tightness

•Frame and forks visually checked

•Tyres and wheels inspected for damage

•Cables checked for wear


Full Rebuild - From £75.00

•Strip-down to component parts.

•Clean & check then grease, reassemble and adjust

•True both wheels including tensioning spokes

•Carry out 'Full' service


Other service options

•Puncture repair £10

•Gear tuning from £15 (front and rear)

•Brake service from £15 (front and rear)

•Brake bleeding from £15

•Wheel truing from £15

•Wheel building £30 per wheel

•Modifications, upgrades or new builds can also be undertaken.

•Specialised services, such as head tube, bottom bracket and disc mount facing available


All prices are for labour inclusive of VAT. Parts not included


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